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Spaccanapoli, the best pizza in Sanremo (Italy)

6 May 2011

Do you want to eat a real Neapolitan pizza? The answer is in Sanremo in the Riviera di Fiori near the beautiful city of Imperia and the restaurant is Spaccanapoli.

The pizzeria is Spaccanapoli Sanremo, Via Nino Bixio a short walk from the centerand the Piazza Brescia, the square where the nightlife takes place in San Remo. Family run, as you can tell from the name of the owners are from Naples and in addition to being Spaccanapoli pizzeria also serves as a restaurant. The restaurant has only one room and a conservatory which in total has around forty-five covered. Specialty pizzas are the restaurant’s French fries, fried and stuffed the pants closed, and the delights of Sorrento, the lemon cake with cream, of course, made ​​withlemons from the Amalfi Coast. The closing day of the pizzeria is on Monday. Reservations are recommended during the week the room being small.

31, Via Nino Bixio – 18038 Sanremo (IM) – Italy
tel: : +39 0184 542669


The Real Napolitan Pizza at Rossopomodoro Restaurants

10 November 2010

The Neapolitan tradition
With over 80 restaurants around the world offering the traditional food and wines of city of Naples. The approach is unique, with all ingredients coming from businesses and farms in the Neapolitan region of Campania. The pizza is made with a natural leavened dough that uses only the best ingredients like the Caputo red quality flour and mineral water that we import from a region near Naples. It is the combination of authentic ingredients, traditional Neapolitan recipes and a true passion for Italy that keeps people retuning for a little slice of Naples in London.

What Rossopomodoro means. Literally, the Italian translation is “red tomato”. But it means much more than that. Ripe, red tomatoes lie at the heart of traditional Italian cooking, and we’re the kind of people who put our heart and soul into everything we do…especially our pizza chefs, who have all been trained to make pizza like in Naples, the heartland of Italian pizza..Red is also the colour of passion and here at Rossopomodoro they’re passionate, some would say fanatical, about making a visit to one of the restaurants as near as possible to eating in Naples itself..

Every dish at Rossopomodoro is made from authentic Neapolitan produce, cooked using traditional recipes and the best quality ingredients we can find from the celebrated Neapolitan region of Campania.

Buffalo Mozzarella
The D.O.P. (Designated Origin Protected) Buffalo mozzarella, comes from one of Italy’s most renowned cheese makers. Made from the milk of herds of buffalo in Campania, it is hand pulled using traditional techniques to create the perfect porcelain white colour, delicate taste and gentle elasticity. Rossopomodoro imports it fresh by flight to London several times a week, offering to customers the authentic buffalo milk mozzarella as it is supposed to taste, rich in taste and chewy.

Produced by Molino Caputo, the flour used to create the pizza dough is sourced from the best wheat in Naples. Caputo is a longstanding leader in the production of high quality Neapolitan flour and it is used by the best pizzerias in the region. The flour has a high protein content – a necessary element for producing our high quality pizza dough.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Italy’s DOP (Designated Origin Protected) extra virgin olive oil is made using only the best variety of minucciola olives, sourced from the beautiful Sorrento peninsula. Sorrento’s olives carry hints of the peninsula’s natural herbs and fruit, deriving its taste and aromas from wild rosemary, mint and lemon.

The DOP (Designated Origin Protected) San Marzano tomatoes used by Rossopomodoro are renowned around the world for being of the very highest quality. The flavour of the peeled tomatoes is enhanced by a special preservation and canning process which is undertaken in the area.

All Rossopomodoro’s pastas are made in Neapolitan town of Gragnano, which for centuries, has been the heartland of traditional pasta making in Italy. The pastas are shaped by turning the dough on traditional bronze moulds, which roughens the surface, allowing the pasta to hold more sauce.

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