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AirAsia is named the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline @ 2010 World Airline Awards

7 May 2011

AirAsia was named the winner of the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline Award at the 2010 World Airline Awards – the Passenger’s Choice awards

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AirAsia has picked up two different Awards at the 2010 World Airline Awards in Hamburg. For the second year running, AirAsia was was named winner of the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline award. AirAsia also picked up the Award for Best Low-Cost Airline Asia.

Commenting on the awards received by AirAsia, Skytrax Chairman, Mr Edward Plaisted said : “this is a fantastic achievement for AirAsia to be here collecting the award as World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for the second year running. They are clearly meeting and exceeding their customer’s expectations to have been named winner of this outstanding, global recognition. The awards represent a true recognition of the front-line product and service that AirAsia is delivering to it’s customers, and the branding as the Passenger’s Choice awards underlines the fact that AirAsia are succeeding in satisfying the hardest critics – their users.”


Airplane “Toiletiquette”: let’s follow 20 simple suggestions during flight

7 May 2011

I’m sitting on a plane penning this story right now. Ahh the beauty of in-flight internet connectivity. I’m two rows from the lavatories on the back of the plane, allowing me to view people’s airplane “toiletiquette”. Yes- there is such a thing. In tight quarters like an airplane, and the lavatories, it’s about courtesy for the fellow passenger entering after you.

Toiletiquette. In collaboration with my awesome flight crew, we’ve assembled some tips!

1. Learn where the door knob is  (I know, this is amazing to me as well, but the crew says it’s a crisis)
2. Don’t slam door upon entry and exit
3. Open the door slowly for those standing in queue
4. Don’t pull or knock crazily when you see the door is marked “occupied”
5. Lock the door! If you are inside (apparently this happens on every flight)
6. Once you’re inside, Men, please lift the toilet seat up to well, you know… do #1
7. Always close the toilet lid when you are finished
8. Just a hygiene tip, Ladies, squat over the seat, don’t sit on the seat… seriously, you’ll thank me
9. Wash your hands and I even use my hand sanitizer once I get back into my seat as well
10. Don’t throw your towels onto the sink area and leave it dirty for the next person. Use the trash
11. Don’t use the toilet seat cover area for a trash can
12. Let the crew know if there is a lack of toilet paper, hand towels, soap
13. Parents: use the bathroom to change your baby… do not do in the cabin! Request a changing table from the crew
14. DO NOT THROW DIAPERS or poopy towels in the toilet. Use the trash
15. Toilet = toilet paper only
16. And on that same note: Ask for plastic poopy zip-lock bags the crew has for dirty diapers
17. If you brush your teeth:
A. Don’t use the airplane’s water from the sink- Use bottled  water only
B. Please wipe down the sink once you’ve spit out the toothpaste from your mouth
18. Don’t hold up the bathroom for your personal use of changing, make-up and hair, overall primping
19. Always wear shoes into the bathroom, as many many times there is urine on the floor among other things
20. Use these tips and you’ll have the best “toiletiquette”!


Qatar Airways wins award for World’s Best Business Class at 2010 World Airline Awards

7 May 2011

Qatar Airways was named the winner of the World’s Best Business Class Award at the 2010 World Airline Awards, that took place in Hamburg.

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Qatar Airways was also named among the top three airlines in the world at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2010.

The honour was among several awards that the airline collected at a ceremony in Hamburg. Qatar Airways global ranking among more than 200 international airlines rose to number three in the world – up from fourth spot last year, further cementing its stature as a world leading airline.

Qatar Airways took the World’s Best Business Class award in one of the most hotly contested categories. The airline’s Business Class catering was recognised separately as the best in the world.

The airline also took the title for Best Airline in the Middle East for a fifth consecutive year, emphasising Qatar Airways’ competitiveness and dominance in a region boasting several world-class airlines.

Qatar Airways also became the first airline to receive the Staff Service Excellence Award for the Middle East. The new award replaces the Best Cabin Staff in the Middle East category, which Qatar Airways has won for the past seven years. The expanded category now includes airline staff at all passenger touch points, including onboard, reservations, check-in and airport personnel. 


HKIA frequent visitor card

23 May 2009

Do you want to avoid long queues after a long haul flight to HK? It is simple if you are a frequent traveller to HKG.

frequent-visitor-channel_img_2Passengers who have visited Hong Kong via Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) three times or more in the past 12 months are eligible to apply for a “Frequent Visitor Card” and enjoy speedy immigration clearance!

Download the application form FVC.

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