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Dining in Macau at Fogo Samba

24 May 2009

fogosambaCarnivores delight! If you have a taste for meat but are indecisive about what to have, then Fogo Samba Churrascaria Brazilian Steak House is the place to dine. The modern warm décor coupled with the traditional open grill gives off a sense contemporary chic in soothing environment.

Churrascaria’s are known the world over for their authentic taste and flavours and the highest quality of Brazilian beef and other red meats. The most famous is of course the house specialty, Picanha, which is taken from the sirloin and seasoned with sea salt and garlic. Meat reigns supreme in various cuts such as Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon and Costela de Porco, pork ribs grilled to perfection. Other non-red meat favourites include the tender and juicy chicken legs and chicken thigh with parmesan- mouthwatering and delectable.

Vegetarians do not need to take the night off as the salad bar accompaniment is vast and displays an array of both cooked and raw goodies. The stuffed olives are a meal in themselves as well as the mass of pasta and potato salads. In addition to the endless supply of meat and salads some traditional accompaniments are delivered right to your table. Waiters bring Pao de queju or cheese bread, which is a delicacy in many parts of Brazil along with fried polenta squares and sautéed green beans. Normally fried bananas and some mashed potato are also served.

The flavours of Brazilian barbecue derive from Gauchos or cowboys who cooked meat on open wood-fired pits. The system of Fogo Samba takes a page from Venetian and uses a green and red chip on each place setting. Guests who are happy to continue with the salad bar will leave the red chip face up. Those ready to tuck-in flip to the green side and the Cortadores (meat Carvers) will bring various selections and cuts of meat to choose. Caipirinha is the must have drink as they are the best I have tasted in Macau and the famous Brazilian Brahma beer is also available for the cowboys at heart.

The buffet-style restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and has elegantly prepared rooms for private dinners and meetings. Reservations are highly recommended on weekends especially if the group exceeds 4.

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