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Ocean Spring Resort in Pingsha, Zhuhai (China)

23 August 2009

Ocean spring resortIf those hot-spring resorts which simply provided hot water failed to meet your needs and left you with a pallid memory, the newly opened Ocean Spring Resort in Zhuhai is probably the place for you.

The 2.2-billion-yuan (US$275 million) resort which opened in late January has 60 hot-spring pools, two five-star hotels, a marina featuring gourmet restaurants and boutiques, a theater, a theme park, a fitness club and even a health center providing various checkup deals for holiday-makers. Owned by China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd., the company which developed Shenzhen’s Splendid China and Window of the World, the 40-square-kilometer resort promises visitors a holiday to remember.

As big as it is, the opening of the resort only represents the first phase of development. Coming soon is a golf course with a golf hotel, while the third phase will feature residential villas for those who fancy golf and hot springs as the ideal lifestyle.


Hot springocean resort
Autumn is an ideal season for hot springs. The best way to refresh yourself is to soak in one of the 60 hot-spring pools with a marvelous sea view. It stays open until 10 p.m., to ensure every guest can catch a hot-spring bath before going to bed. The hot springs come from under the seabed with temperatures of up to 82 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget to try the authentic Oriental massages and Turkish spa next to the hot-spring pools, where you can still get a magnificent view of the South China Sea through the French windows. Surfers can also try riding the waves at the pools which have advanced wave-making techniques, recreating an ocean coast. The ocean spa contains 60 kinds of hot-springs with different styles, absorbs the essence of the culture of the hot-spring in the world and let you enjoy the culture of the hot-spring in the world without going abroad. The savageness ocean hot-spring named “The First Hot-spring in Nanhai” has clear water quality and abundant water quantity. The temperature of the water in the ocean hot-spring always keeps between 80 and 83 centigrade. In addition, the water contains various micro-element which is good to people’s bodies. It is composed of indoor and outdoor grounds, comprises equipment and 56 hot-springs with different styles such as Roman bathroom, Japanese bathroom and SPA bathroom etc. Further, the more than 10 kinds of massage equipment with special dry and wet steam bath let you enjoy the culture of bath in the hotspring at all times and in all over the world.

Mysterious Island
The resort’s theme park, has five different areas. High-speed roller coasters, a vertical chariot and escape boats are the most popular items. Performances such as African drumming and Scottish pipes are impressive. The Mysterious Island theme park packs the world’s latest and Asia’s first Leaning Tower, “Fanatical Squirrel”, “Gushing Dynamo” and the propulsion roller coaster among numerous other advanced and highly charged entertainment facilities that will push one’s adrenaline to top gear. At the same time, Asia’s first theme park expansion training camp that spans 6000m2 brings together world-leading expansion facilities and training concepts to trigger one’s potential. The experimental base-camp for teamwork, execution prowess and creativity.

Caribbean Seashore
ocean resortThe Caribbean Seashore is an important part of Mysterious Island in the Ocean Spring Resort. Bluish sea with silver beach, palm-tree with sea charm, covering 13,000 m2, it’s an ideal place for people to have fun in the water. Bluish sea with silver beach, building an unique “fairyland on the sea”. The Caribbean Seashore is located between Adventure Jungle and Fortress of the Pirates in the Mysterious Island. The advanced artificial wave technology, it gives you a fabulous wave experience. Tourists have fun in the water under the open sky getting a definitely different feeling. It’s composed of a Children pool, water-sports pool, on the water catwalk stage, swimming pool and many other on the water facilities. Tourists can choose freely based on their taste to have a relax, drink, tuck away, taste wine, enjoy breeze, etc. If you come to the Caribbean Seashore at night, you can enjoy a spectacular scene of bright moon rising on the sea and totally indulge in the pleasures of life. Real scene of hill and sea, illusive-performance on the water. The night show is available in the Caribbean Seashore during the summer vacation. Performances full of fad and seashore amorous feelings light up the night of Caribbean Seashore. The unique catwalk stage on the water, colorful lighting underwater and the laser light of beacon in upper air, it creates an unmatched 3D illusive performance. The wide beach provides tourists with another fun. It’s not only a good place for family joyous, but also an ideal place for the enterprise units and large organizations holding parties and night banquets.

Dreams Theater
The high-tech theatre processes 1200 seats ,which are furnished with 360 degree revolving seats to put you in the thick of the dramatic action. Nightly performance of the grand theatrical production “A Dream by the Sea” see artistes from around the world share the stage to present the audience with a spectacular feast for the senses. Truly a flamboyant celebration of the arts.

Two five-star Mediterranean-style hotels offer more than 1,000 rooms ranging from standard doubles to honeymoon suites and villas for families. Doubles start from 1,080 yuan per night, and a villa with three en suite bedrooms, hot-spring pool, kitchen, dining room and terrace start from 4,280 yuan. Paying some 2,880 yuan, you can enjoy a honeymoon suite with a king-sized bed, a hot-spring pool and, most importantly, a private berth at the marina.

Ocean Spring Metropark Hotelhaiwang
The hotel is presenting the most beautiful part of Morocco constuction style and naturally designed for better panoram a view of the South China Sea,the lake and the mountain from each guest room and restaurant. With 1000 elegantly decorated guest rooms,22 luxurious hot spring villas and 5 superior lakeside suites,a comfortable and unforgettable vacation experience will be made with the most update hi-tech touch. Both Chinese andwestern restaurants offer the best food among local hotels and restaurants. During night hours,there are bars and KTV. You could also take a walk on the scenic seaside boulevard.or try an indoor/outdoor swimming pool and gyms.

ocean resortGolf Course
Jinwan Golf Course was designed by Colin Mantgomerie, the No.1 golfer in the European Money List for 18-hole championship course is 6532 meters and Par-72. Full of ingenious diversities and surrounded with waters, the green courses present a pleasant view along with clear lakes. Bunkers of particular style andchangeful sea breeze create challenges to golfers’ wisdom and resourcefulness. It demonstrates the charm and appeal of traditional Scottish golf courses and international championship venues. Since founded 3 years ago, the club has been a successful host of dozens of major events, including 2 China Tours, 3 China Ladies Pro Tournaments and 3 Examinations of Chinese Professional Golfers, earning good recognition and praise in the golf circle. The magnificent Jinwan Golf Club House has a golf shop, a luxurious change room, a Scottish saloon and many other facilities. There are a country club, a sports center, a multipurpose conferevce room, a gym, and a massage and beauty shop by the hotel. These are ideal places to visit after a golf game. It is agreeable to sit in a chair by the swimming pool listering to melodious music.

Ocean Spring Resort,
Pingsha Township,
Jinwan District,
Tel: +86 756 7728-999

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