What’s WODANI?

This blog is dedicated to all the people traveling for business. Managers and entrepreneurs  that are often alone and that are obliged to move from one continent to another, from one country to another not having time to choose the best accommodation in a quite and comfortable travel agency. People that has just the time to print an electronic ticket and fly for business.

For all these people Wodani wants to be the cluster of experiences lived by Business Travelers as you, with the same needs and the same problems. We are a group of businessmen that move around Europe, Asia, America and Oceania. We are collecting brief notes on our trips. We are reporting places where we had good time, good service, good food and where we want our friends can have the same experience.

We do not have any personal and business interest in any of the activities described. Our target is to share experiences and help Business Travelers to avoid problems during their important and heavy trips. We need your help to increase the number of the locations listed and reported because this blog will have sense only if will be useful for a large number of travelers.

Please send to us your reports that we will publish after a check of reliability. Let’s became one of our business traveler friend and you will have access to the blog and you will become our partner in this project that is and will remain without any profit target.



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