Skypier: fast route from HKG to Guangdong cities

24 May 2009

img_ferry_1Try the experience to speed up your entry in Mainland China once you arrive in HKIA. Instead to go to immigration and then by taxi or express train to Hong Kong, you can go to Skypier and buy a ferry ticket for the main cities in Guangdong.

There are several destinations:

Shenzhen Shekou – 13 ferries a day
Shenzhen Fuyong – 10 in & 8 out ferries a day
Dongguan (Humen) – 8 ferries a day
Macau SAR – 6 in & 5 out ferries a day
Zhongshan – 1 in & 2 out ferries a day
Zhuhai (Jiuzhou) – 2 ferries a day
Guangzhou (Lian Hua Shan) – suspended

The timetable varies often, so we suggest to go to Skypier official website.

Read the leaflet to know more about Skypier.


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